Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8 , 1011 CM Amsterdam


Due to covid-19, ‘A Journey with Schubert’ is postponed until november 2021.
In sept / oct. we present a special programme in Dutch, for small children. We are sorry to inform you that this programme, ‘Ra ra er was eens…’,  is only meant for people who understand the Dutch language. 
Dates for Dutch audience:


sat.  14 march  CANCELLED

sun. 22 march CANCELLED

wed. 8 apr  20.30 Underground Cinema

sun. 19 apr.  15.00 A Journey with Schubert

sat.  25 apr.  20.00 A Journey with Schubert

wed. 13 may  20.30 Underground Cinema

sat.  16 may.  20.00 A Journey with Schubert

sun.  24 may  15.00 A Journey with Schubert

mon. 1 june  15.00 High Tea &  Schubert

wed. 10 june  20.30 Underground Cinema