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‘Castle in the Air’ (‘No.66!’)- J. Offenbach:
* Dancing scene
* On a swing

‘The Flying Dutchman’
* trailer

‘A journey with Schubert’
* Trailer
* Song at the brook

Backstage video’s

‘The Magic Flute’ / Die Zauberflote”
German version; in Amsterdam we perform our Dutch version
* The Magic Flute – trailer
* Pamina and the three boys


Wolfie Mozart
* Two Maestro’s: Wolfie and Vaughan Schlepp
* ‘Encore’from ‘Bastien and Bastienne’ 


‘Doctor Faust :
* Faust reads the Book of Magic (music: Wagner)
* Casperl meets the devils (music: Wagner)
* Faust meets Mefisto (music: Marenco)
* Casperl & Auerhaan (music: Offenbach)
* Faust leaves for Paris (music: Offenbach)
* The journey begins… (music: Gounod)
(camera: Vincent and Gitte Clemens)


‘De Impresario’ (‘Der Schauspieldirektor’) – Mozart:
* Variete
* Cat & Gust
* Prima donna’s
* Behind the scenes ‘The Impresario’: TV item RTV N-Holland