Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8 , 1011 CM Amsterdam

Doctor Faust

The amazing journey of Doctor Faust

The amazing journey of Doctor Faust
with music by Gounod, Marenco,
Wagner and Offenbach

All these old and dusty books… they cannot inspire Doctor Johannes Faust any longer. He is longing to discover the world, to experience everything with his whole heart and soul. He turns to the world of Magic and makes a deal with the devil. Mefisto will be his guide on his exciting journey through time and through the continents. Casperl, Fausts servant, doesn’t share his masters existential doubts at all. He himself is a happy man: all you need in life is good food and a drink now and then!.
An exciting adventure full of magic, humour and a touch of filosophy.

Most people connect the old story of Faust who sells his soul to the devil to the famous work of Goethe. But long before Goethes time, the historical figure of Faust appeared in folk puppetry. Since the late Middle Ages, many puppeteers made their own version of the Faust story. The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre created a new play, inspired by the original puppet versions. Music plays a leading part.

Poetic music theatre for both adults and childeren (10 years and older). Length of performance 1 ½ hours (interval included). Five puppeteers handle the large, wooden marionettes, dressed in their costumes of silk. Performed with our own CD-recording in Dutch. Because of the visual and musical character of the performance, the Dutch language is no great barrier.