Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8 , 1011 CM Amsterdam


free entrance / no reservations

wed. 23 Nov. 2022 / 20.30 hrs

(bar open 20.00)

Underground Cinema


(The Fabulous Baron Munchausen)

(de voertaal van deze avond is Engels).

Jeffrey's Underground Cinema has been showing neglected and forgotten films for the last decade. This night: the Fabulous Baron Munchausen. 

(The Fabulous Baron Munchausen)
Directed by Karel Zeman
87 minutes
In Czech with English subtitles

One of greatest fantasy animators of all time was a Czechoslovakian wizard named Karel Zeman. Despite the fact he is barely known in the West, he made incredible flicks that linger in the twilight zone in between real live-action and otherworldly surreal animation. Baron Prášil is considered to be his magnum opus, with its nonstop flow of images that dazzle and bewilder the viewer.

Zeman’s films explode with color and imagination, and retain a strong sense of East Bloc poetry. Zeman was able to strike a beautiful balance between craftsmanship and invention and you can see the connections to both the engraver Gustave Doré and the filmmaker Georges Méliès. What we are talking about here are visionary films that are a hundred times more magical, hallucinatory and spellbinding than anything being cranked out today. The few illuminated movies that Zeman was able to make in his lifetime are cherished by the likes of Jan Svankmajer and Tim Burton. Terry Gilliam loved this film so much he tried to do a re-make and failed miserably. Zeman’s films are rarely ever screened outside his home country, so this is your chance to be charmed and amazed.

This will be a high-definition screening.

With a short introduction by Jeffrey Babcock

20:30 (doors and bar open at 20:00)
Free entrance / no reservations