Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8 , 1011 CM Amsterdam


free entrance / no reservations

wed. 13 nov. / 20.30 hrs

Underground Cinema


(de voertaal van deze avond is Engels).

Jeffrey's Underground Cinema has been showing neglected and forgotten films for the last decade. This night:one of the classics of British cinema, renowned as one of the most haunting and strangely poetic films ever made 

DEAD OF NIGHT   (1945)
Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer

(102 min., in English)

This was the original ‘anthology’ movie, where our central character goes to a country house to do some work on it. But then as he is approaching the place he has a sensation of Déjà vu, an eerie feeling that this incident has happened before. When he gets there he meets several people who then begin to relate their own ‘weird tales’, and the movie delves into each of the stories in an almost dream-like way. So what we get is a series of five uncanny stories, with each becoming more creepy than the other.

One of the key sequences stars Micheal Redgrave as a nightclub performer with his ventriloquist puppet, which opens us to the idea that puppets might have a life of their own.

20:30 (doors and bar open at 20:00)

Free entrance / no reservations