Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8 , 1011 CM Amsterdam


free entrance / no reservations

wed. 2 oct. / 20.30 hrs

Underground Cinema

silent film: CLAIRE (2001)

(de voertaal van deze avond is Engels).

Jeffrey's Underground Cinema has been showing neglected and forgotten films for the last decade. This night: a (modern) homage to early cinema like no other, making nostalgia tangible. There will be a short introduction.

silent film:
CLAIRE   (2001)
Directed by Milford Thomas  (55 min.)
No language

This stunning one-hour film was shot entirely on an antique 35mm hand-crank camera, and it’s a magical detour into a forgotten world. Set in 1920s America and inspired by a Japanese fairy tale called Kaguyahime, it tells the story of an elderly male couple living in a cabin in the deep south. One night they are going through their barn and discover a miniature spirit-girl made of moonlight named Claire, hidden inside an ear of corn.

‘Claire’ is luminously filmed in the style of an old silent expressionist film but its wit and humor is modern. It takes you off guard and blows you away into another world… it is a homage to early cinema like no other, making nostalgia tangible. The set-designs, the special effects and the old-fashioned photography all come together to create such a wonderful atmosphere. 

It’s like being injected into a dreamworld, of pure poetic joy.

+ Short film: HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG  (1975)
Beautiful old-school painted animation  by the master Yuri Norstein. 

20:30 (doors and bar open at 20:00)

Free entrance / no reservations